Wedding Photographers in Bournemouth – Top 5 Locations

Bournemouth is an excellent location for wedding photography. In my opinion, you would be hard-pushed to find a more varied and beautiful backdrop that is also practical and easily accessible than Bournemouth for wedding photography. Clients have beaches, parks, urban landscapes, cliff-tops, woods, rivers, harbours, piers and Bournemouth’s unique Chines to choose from when it comes to choosing settings for their special day. Most of these spots are within easy reach of the town centre and it is realistic to incorporate at least one of these gems into a wedding couple’s private shoot in the afternoon of say 1 hour.

My top 5 places for wedding photography in Bournemouth are:

1. The Promenade between Bournemouth Pier and Boscombe Pier.
The wedding car can drive down to the pier at Boscombe allowing easy access. It is often less crowded than Bournemouth pier and there are some new more attractive beach huts in all colours of the rainbow. Both piers can be used in the frame and there is plenty of Golden sand

2. Coy Pond in the Upper Gardens.
Again ease of access is a bonus as this is very central. The gardens are always lush and green with an abundance of unusual foliage and plant species. Great architectural trees and lots of flowers in Spring. There is a lovely stream and pond with Coy Carp in it topped off with a classic lovers’ bridge and a Victorian folly tower which always reminds me of rapunzel.

3. Tropical Gardens at Alum Chine
One of Bournemouth’s Gardens of Excellence, this is a truly magical backdrop for wedding photography. Situated high up in one of th Chines, the garden gives breathtaking views over the sea across to Old Harry Rocks. The gardens are fairly small but with lots of varying vistas created by the many little paths and fantastic plants which have an almost prehistoric feel. There is an embankment built in boulders with planting in between which makes an attractive stage for the intrepid bride and groom.

4. Kings Skate Park
For something a little different – suitable for younger couples with an interest in skating, BMX-ing, adrenalin sports or just wanting an urban gritty counterfoil. The skate park has great mix of greenery with concrete skate ramps adorned with graffiti. Great range of heights and in easy reach of other amenities. Build in some more classic park shots at the same shoot.

5. Bournemouth Balloon
For a truly out of this world feel to wedding photography in Bournemouth, try the balloon in the Lower Gardens. It cost around £10 each for 15 mins or so 100ft+ over the centre of Bournemouth. This affords fantastic views over the town across to Purbeck in the West and the Isle of White to the West. On a clear day you can see for 50 miles or more. A great opportunity for some fun shots of the happy couple.

Choosing the All-Important Wedding Theme

One of the most exciting parts of getting engaged is making the preliminary basic wedding plans, which decide all the important details of the biggest day of your life. There are many decisions to be made, but by choosing to go with an overall theme for your nuptials, you will make the planning process so much easier. You will be able to achieve a more cohesive result and wedding plans will go much smoother when you work to a theme. Here are a few important considerations to consider.

Rural or urban

When it comes to a theme, the most basic decision is whether to go rural or urban. Only you will know which of these will allow you to adapt your style into the event. Naturally, these themes depend on the location – are you having it in the country or the city? But choosing one or the other doesn’t mean that you can only have a country theme in the country or a modern, edgy urban theme for a city event. You can play with the ideas of theme and location to suit exactly what you want – it’s your day after all! Consider, for instance, having a modern theme in a rural barn, or adding in country touches to a modern city location to soften the edges and make it more inviting. The sky’s the limit.

Seasonal themes

Another popular way of theming your wedding plans is to match them with the season in which you holding your event. This doesn’t mean that for a winter theme you need to go all out and have (faux) fox-fur stoles for all your guests, but it does allow you to take elements that are particularly associated with the seasons and use them to create accents to enhance the overall look. For example, consider springtime as a theme: you could have bundles of spring flowers and small parasols to add that certain something. Or, flip-flops and sand buckets for a summertime wedding. There are so many ways to make the seasons work for you, but it may be best to match your seasonal theme to the actual season, as it may well prove difficult to provide a winter wonderland event in Devon in July.

Whatever your wedding plans entail, working to a theme means that all the elements will come together more naturally. You’ll narrow down your choices and as you work your way through the arrangement, some requirement will become obvious while others will prove superfluous. As with any event planning, forward thinking and a slow and steady approach will reap rewards.

Five Awesome Alternatives to Throwing Rice at Your Wedding

First, let me explode the urban myth about rice thrown at weddings, usually outside the wedding venue or reception when the newlyweds run the gauntlet of well-meaning wedding guests pelting rice. Urban myth has it that when birds eat the rice, the grains swell in their tiny stomachs to the point that they explode, sometimes in mid-air. I’m happy to report that birds can eat the rice with gusto, because this gruesome end will not come to pass.

You may be wondering why we throw rice-or anything, for that matter-at the happy couple. Like bouquets, veils, something old, etc., it’s a long-standing tradition that may date back beyond ancient Rome or Egypt, when the custom was to throw things at newlyweds for good luck, fertility and abundance. That being the case, I think I’d prefer to have aphrodisiacs and $100 bills tossed my way.

Even though there’s no truth to the myth that rice kills birds, we’re still wasting food when we spill the grain all over the steps and sidewalk. Why not opt for these alternatives instead?

Bird Seed

Perhaps the best choice, bird seed poses no danger to birds who, ultimately, will serve as the clean-up committee for this tradition. The guests are happy they had something to throw, the happy couple knows they’re doing something environmentally beneficial, and the birds, well, they wind up just as happy as the newlyweds. And giant bags of wild bird seed cost very little, making this a win-win-win!

Biodegradable Wedding Poppers

The operative word here is biodegradable. Launched by a safe, spring-loaded device, wedding poppers eject a white confetti mist of biodegradable, tissue-paper confetti and streamers. Once again, you don’t have to worry about clean-up, and truly, it’s like being the guests of honor in a ticker-tape parade!

Wedding Bubbles

The only problem you might have with wedding bubbles favors is that, if you place them on the reception tables by each person’s plate, your guests might not be able to resist filling the air with bubbles long before you run the gauntlet to your getaway car. Let’s face it. Blowing bubbles is fun. It’s not really a problem, but you might want to have a few extra containers of wedding bubbles handy just in case.

Rose Petals

Real or artificial, rose petals create a beautiful, going-away shower, not to mention fantastic wedding photos of the moment. Especially with artificial rose petals, there may be some clean-up required, but those photos will make it well worth the time.


It’s late in the evening when the newlyweds depart the reception for their honeymoon. Imagine how an aisle formed by two long lines of sparklers will look, not only in photos, but as you run down the aisle to the car! What a way to go! Clean-up is as simple as having a trash receptacle nearby for guests to drop in their burned-out sparklers.

If there’s something to be learned here, it’s this: Rice is nice, but bubbles are less trouble!

Wedding Photography in Oxford – The Perfect Photos for Your Wedding in Oxford

Situated in the very heart of England, Oxford is renowned for many things not least it’s famous Universities and Inspector Morse. However for the local bride planning her perfect wedding day, Oxford holds many, many wonders that can turn “just another wedding” into a day which is remembered by wedding party and guests alike.

The location of ceremony and reception within Oxford will have a great baring on the type and style of wedding photography that you are able to choose. Whilst you are not limited by your chosen locations, they will lend themselves to one specific style more than another. Fort example, if you are getting married in University Church on the High Street, then an urban photography style is going to be much more convenient than a traditional style. Whereas if your reception is at the Oxford Centre on Banbury Road, then it is far easier to opt for a traditional style using the grounds of the Oxford Centre as a backdrop.

All major cities have their fair share of urban wedding photography hot spots, but urban wedding photography in Oxford is a class above the rest, whether it is in front of the Ashmolean Museum or Bodleian Library, or walking down the busy but historically spectacular George Street. All of these locations can turn a conservative and flat wedding album with the usual boring, posed group shots, into a talking point which will look like a contemporary fashion shoot from the pages of Cosmo.

As you would expect with any city, there are various wedding venues within Oxford and the surrounding area which will cater for almost any need, taste and budget. Here are just a few with the comments of a Oxford based wedding photographer included:

Oxford Thames Four Pillars Hotel – Situated on the banks of the Thames, the Four Pillars is part of a hotel chain and as such much of the décor is corporate, however what is lacking in character is certainly made up for by the 30 acres of Oxfordshire parkland which make the ideal backdrop for some truly memorable wedding photos.

The Oxford Centre – About a mile and a half outside the centre of Oxford, the Oxford Centre is a dedicated banqueting and conference facility with a contemporary style. As such, it has some lovely

The Randolph Hotel – Set right in the heart of the city, the Randolph is a stunning backdrop for a upmarket wedding. The building itself is steeped in history and will send shivers down the spine of even the most steely groom. Being located in the city centre, the Randolph gives an easy opportunity to make use of some of the cities prominent landmarks as urban backdrops to the cosmopolitan bride and grooms wedding album.

Oxford Town Hall – Located on St Aldates in the city centre, Oxford Town Hall is a venue which is worthy of some of the fine dignitaries that have visited it, Nelson Mandela and Mikhail Gorbachev to name just two. Like the Randolph Hotel, it gives easy access to the cities major visual attractions as well as having it’s own historical splendour.

Urban Wedding Portraits in the Heart of Kansas City – Ten Great Destinations to Wow Your Clients

With such a large metropolitan area, there are countless choices where one could take photographs. However, some of the top destinations are in the very center of the city. More weddings, and especially receptions are being held in the downtown area each year. All of the places on this list will give you a variety of backdrops and gorgeous shots all within a close distance of each other. Her is a look at ten top locations for urban portraiture in Kansas City.

River Market

The River Market is located at the northern end of downtown Kansas City. It is a historic and culturally rich area as well as Kansas City’s oldest neighborhood. No one can miss the region’s largest farmer’s market in the heart of the area. There is also a variety of parks throughout the space and along the edge of the Missouri River. Throw in the brick streets, old store fronts, decorative lamp posts, and local eateries and you have got a little bit of everything to choose from.

West Bottoms

The West Bottoms is a great area that shows off some of the historic factories and office spaces Kansas City has to offer. There are a variety of antique shops, restaurants, and empty buildings to offer you some interesting backdrops. Another popular feature of the West Bottoms is the easy accessibility to the train tracks. Not all of these tracks are out of commission, but depending on the train traffic those days, you can get some great shots with all the historic old factories in the background. There are also many areas with less traveled streets and bridges you can take photos on as well. This is a great place you should explore and find a few hotspots to bring your clients to.

Power & Light

Kansas City’s Power & Light is the new, hip place to be. This area continues to grow as a nighttime hot spot for the city. There is a variety of contemporary architectural styles in Power & Light that provide a nice setting for your bride and groom. Power & Light is a great place for night shots with all the colorful fluorescent lighting located throughout the district. You also have a variety of exterior spaces to shoot in some of the larger outdoor bar and cafe areas.


The Crossroad is the art district of the city, with a interesting fusion of old and new architecture. There are lots of exciting places to photograph with rustic old factory doors and exterior spaces, wall murals and graffiti, and a multitude of interior and exterior art galleries. This is a great place for any photographer to explore and find a few good spots to come back to again and again. There are lots of nooks and crannies, and dead end streets that have great photography waiting at the end.

Union Station

Union Station is a classic spot for great photos. This historic train stations has beautiful stone walls and huge windows to give you a variety of spaces to shoot. There is also the impressive grand hall and kissing clock which are popular photogenic locations. Don’t forget to utilize the exterior of the building which has a nice lawn space in front.

Liberty Memorial

Liberty Memorial is located just south of Union Station, and is one of my favorite places for portraits. This beautiful memorial for our World War I veterans offers an impressive monument and museum space. There is a impressive green area with terraces to the south and a fountain in front of the large bronze doors of the museum entrance. Climb the stairs at the north side of the memorial to photograph your bride and groom in front of the Kansas City skyline. There are also two museum buildings on the east and west sides that have large pillars and colorful wall tiles for backdrops.

Country Club Plaza

A favorite stop for locals and travelers, the Country Club Plaza is a great place for photography. The Spanish influenced architecture offers a colorful backdrop. Plus, there is a large collection of fountains and sculptures located throughout. Throw in a carriage ride or a snack at the sidewalk cafe and you’re ready to go.

Nelson-Atkin Museum of Art

Located just east of the Country Club Plaza is the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. You’re not allowed to take portraits inside the museum, but there is an impressive lawn area to the south of the building. With many pieces of sculpture and a variety of vegetation, there is a multitude of creativity waiting for your clients. You also have the exterior of the two museum buildings, the older more classical main building and very contemporary backdrop of the new addition.

Kauffman Memorial Garden

Just south of the Nelson Atkins Museum you will find the Kauffman Memorial Gardens. This beautiful space offers three main garden spaces with multiple alcoves and private areas for a variety of shots. This is a popular setting for senior and engagement portraits, as well as weddings.

Loose Park

Loose Park is a favorite in Kansas City for outdoor weddings, and for good reason. This is another historic site with beautiful landscaping, and a walking path. Loose Park also has a famous rose garden with a beautiful fountain nearby. There is also Loose Lake and a few buildings scattered throughout to give you a variety of locations to take images of the bride and groom.