Things to Consider Regarding Location When Choosing Boston Wedding Photographers

Boston wedding photographers have a very important job; much more so than many other types of photographers in this area. Whether you are having your wedding at the Hotel Marlowe in Cambridge or the Science Museum located right in Boston, you want to have a photographer who can not only make the most of the location but also take pictures that are going to please you for years to come. When you live in a city like Boston, you have thousands of choices of wedding photographers. Here we will talk about things you should do in order to find the best one.

Ideally, you will find someone who has experience photographing couples in the location of your choosing. Some Boston wedding photographers are going to specialize in locations like the Science Museum because they are familiar with all of the greatest places to take shots. Others are going to be more specialized in areas like the Endicott Estate located in Dedham, Massachusetts because it has a rural setting and lots of potential for outdoor shots. Make sure that you find someone who has worked in your location before or someone who is willing to spend some time there in order to figure out the best shots.

The next thing you should do is get used to the idea of asking for portfolios. Boston wedding photographers are always going to have a collection of the work that they have done in the past for people. Wedding photographers know that it is extremely important to have this portfolio because it shows the world the work they have done. Boston wedding photographers should ideally have pictures from places like the Endicott Estate as well as the Science Museum or other urban areas. This will help you see the variety of shots that they are capable of taking; since using urban backgrounds is very different from using natural ones. You should look at as many pictures as you can and try to get an idea of whether or not you are a big fan of the style that each of the Boston wedding photographers uses for their photos.

The most important thing is that you get along with the Boston wedding photographers that you choose. You need them to be able to understand and cater to your desires and needs, regardless of your location. You may want specific types of pictures, and they need to be available to give them to you. You should also remain open to hiring people who do not have that much experience if they are very enthusiastic. Sometimes a Boston wedding photographer’s first year of experience is filled with many successful ventures. They might be going to the Andover Country Club in Andover, Massachusetts for the first time and find that they can create many wonderful shots with no experience in that location at all. The bottom line is that you make sure the person is willing to work with you to make the most of your location.

Cool Contemporary Loft Weddings

When your idea of the perfect wedding is more downtown than debutante, ditch the traditional country club or hotel ballroom in favor of a venue with contemporary flair. There is no cooler place than an urban city loft to host a cutting edge wedding with a city chic flair. From design to attire to practical considerations, this is what you need to know to plan a cool and contemporary loft wedding.

First of all, you have to pick the right space. Most lofts are wide open, with large windows and high ceilings. They allow you near-total freedom when it comes to your wedding style, because they have no pre-existing decor. Of course, all this expansiveness can be quite expensive; since you have to bring in literally every single item needed to fill a loft, the bill for rentals and decorations will tend to be higher than average, even if the space itself is affordable to rent.

When you are checking out various loft spaces as potential wedding venues, take a careful look at the practical side of things. Is the neighborhood safe? Are there elevators? What are the restrooms like? What about lighting; is there any in place or will you need to hire a specialist? Also think about how one large space can be divided for the ceremony, cocktail hour, and the reception. Many couples will find that the services of a creative and experienced wedding planner are a must when trying to coordinate a loft wedding.

With your space booked, you can start thinking about the fun stuff: decorations and wedding attire. A city loft calls for an equally sophisticated style bridal gown. Slinky minimalist sheaths and unique architectural gowns with origami inspired draping will suit the contemporary space perfectly. Finish it off with cool handcrafted bridal jewelry. The non-traditional setting of a loft gives you the freedom to take a chance with a more daring bridal gown or jewelry which is handcrafted with a modern flair.

The wide open space of a loft calls for creative decorating on a grand scale. Think about incorporating elements such as dramatic swaths of fabric suspended from exposed beam ceilings. Hip modern chandeliers can be rented to add both style and light to the venue. The traditional small round vase with white roses will definitely not cut it in an urban loft. The centerpieces need to have both height and strong visual interest. If you want floral centerpieces, trendy submerged flowers in tall square vessels are current and fresh looking. Or think beyond flowers, and select centerpieces which are created from more unusual found elements or lighting items.

The menu is an important part of any wedding. Non-traditional foods such as Asian-fusion would be a great option. Be wary about hiring your favorite neighborhood bistro to cater your loft wedding however. The logistics of cooking and serving food in a space which lacks a kitchen can be very challenging, and it is smart to hire a caterer with the right equipment and experience to work in such a setting.

In the end, the magic of a loft wedding is that it can be anything you want it to be. The open space allows you to let your creative side run wild, with few of the artistic restrictions present at more traditional venues. For a couple with a love for contemporary design and entertaining, a chic loft wedding is an excellent choice.

Toronto Outdoor Wedding Advantages and Venues

So you’ve found your prince charming and are eagerly awaiting your wedding day. Now begins the challenge – wedding planning. One of the most exciting parts of planning can be choosing a wedding venue, where you can envision yourself walking down the aisle and saying “I do.” The perfect setting establishes the tone and style for your nuptials. Indoor sites have built-in decorations, which can help couples who need direction with planning a theme, while an outdoor wedding opens a world of possibilities. While there isn’t a right or wrong locale, there are many benefits to an outdoor wedding ceremony.

Casual Elegance

The outdoors immediately brings warmth and comfort to your wedding day, but that doesn’t mean you lose the elegance. A garden or courtyard provides natural backdrop that exudes elegance, while even a backyard wedding can maintain formality with the use of paper lanterns or formal attire. Keep decorations simple with in-season floral decorations and light fabric, which allows you to embrace the openness of the outdoors.

Natural Lighting

For wedding photography, natural lighting is best. Harsh fluorescent lights can bleach skin tones and make it difficult to find just the right shot. Older buildings often have inadequate lighting, which can create problematic shadows. It also creates a more formal, light-controlled setting, which is not ideal for a casual style wedding. Natural lighting ensures a subtler look, giving your wedding photographer the ability to encapture those moments as they were meant to be seen.

Joint Wedding Venues

An outdoor venue allows you to combine both the wedding ceremony site with the reception site, letting you and your guests spend more time together than on the road. Many venues have separate areas for both the ceremony and reception on-site, which gives you two separate backdrops for your special day. Tents are another cost effective option that divide a large, open space into two separate sites. Maintaining the same colors, styles and flowers create flow between the two spaces, while the height of the tent gives you the ability to hang decorations that aren’t possible in an open space.

Outdoor Wedding Venues in Toronto

Even amidst an urban area in Toronto, there are some great options for outdoor spaces. Built in 1936, Graydon Hall Manor creates a vintage-esque space, reminiscent of Downtown Abbey. The venue boasts an outdoor area with a fountain, stone architecture and sprawling landscapes. Another romantic locale is the Berkeley Field House. The charming church has original 17-foot stained glass windows, while the adjacent field house is surrounded by lush greens, a deck and a pond. For a more modern-style wedding, Evergreen Brickworks is ideal. The former brickyard has been transformed into a spacious open-area with original brick buildings featuring expansive ceilings and exposed rafters. This unique space is tucked into a spacious park with lush greens and water features. Lastly, for a combination of indoor and outdoor space, the Sunnyside Pavillion on Lakeshore West is another urban oasis. Overlooking the beach and pristine gardens, Sunnyside features a courtyard and plenty of overhead to shield you from the rain. This allows you to have the ceremony in the sunshine, but a covered reception that is still open to the outdoors.

Grand Teton National Park Weddings, Wilderness And Wonders

Have you ever been to a wedding in the city? The traffic, congestion, pollution, urban noise, tall buildings and rush of urban life makes for uptight guests. After all, that is why you pay a fortune for a wedding planner to make all those things go away. Right?

Brides want their special day to be perfect including happy guests, happy groom and happy surroundings.


If you are an outdoors person looking for a backdrop that makes a real statement “The Grand” (as it is called by locals) has to be it! This sharp mountain peak, known as one of the Rocky Mountain’s youngest peaks, rises from a 6,400′ valley floor to an elevation of over 13,780 feet. Imagine a backdrop for wedding pictures vaulting over 1 1/3 miles above the dance floor! Talk about a “big rock!” Very few fake (or authentic) Greek columns can compete with a mountain! What’s more, glaciers fill the crevasses most of the year. A June wedding would display more than just white-capped mountain peaks. Your view could include glaciers the size of several football stadiums!

Inside the park weddings are permitted in certain places designated by the National Park Service such as Schwabacker’s Landing, Blacktail Ponds Overlook and Signal Mountain Summit. A reservation fee and permit are required to hold a wedding at any of these locations. It is good to keep in mind that each guest that enters the park through the gates at Moose or Moran is charged the normal park entrance fee.


About the only thing you can hear in this popular wilderness is the soft and steady whoosh of a nearby stream. Wildlife frequent the shadows at dusk as the looming moonlight supplants a spectrum of streaking sunbeams. Sandhill Crane, Canada Geese and an occasional Bald Eagle glide overhead keeping watch over wilderness habitat and overnight summer sleeping grounds. The silence is broken only by an occasional bugle of a bull elk gathering his harem at the end of summer’s passing.


If you know the west, you know that most summer days are clear and the visibility unlimited. Hiking and climbing enthusiasts can view the Snake River Valley of Idaho to a distance of nearly 200 miles and the mountain ranges of Wyoming as far as obscuring peaks will allow. Wyoming, Idaho, Utah and Montana are all visible from the peaks of the Tetons on a clear day.

The temperature in summer rarely breaks out of the 80’s during the day and the nights are cool requiring a jacket as mountain shadows stretch across the valley of the Tetons. You should probably plan on more, than less, when planning evening wear and bridesmaids dresses.


Most brides planning for guests are interested in good friends, good food and good entertainment. The kind of entertainment in this part of the world goes far beyond loud bands and Rocky Mountain music. This is truly “America’s Serengeti.” Viewing wildlife including buffalo, moose, elk, deer, antelope and occasional creatures that are found on the top of the food chain, keep guests entertained with awe.

None of this is man-made.

It is all natural and in the most environmentally protected area of the lower 48. Mingling among the animals throughout the park makes for great entertainment and breaks from traditional rehearsals and receptions.

Guests, adept to the outdoors, can take a lazy float through the Oxbow or a wild river ride down Snake River Canyon in the afternoon. Whitewater and clear water are found all along the Snake as it winds a serpentine course past the foothills of The Grand!

A quick flick of a fly into the tributary waters of The Snake will yield a catch of native ancestry originating in the headwaters of the Yellowstone Wilderness. Cutthroat and Rainbow trout are abundant and are easily found by fishing enthusiasts. Some may be so overtaken by this experience they may not make it back for the vows.


A little-known fact about Grand Teton National Park is that a commercial airport is located within its boundary. Commercial flights on several major airlines deliver passengers (guests) to the foot of the Tetons. A 6,300 foot runway accommodates 737s as well as commuter-size aircraft. The view out the right cabin window on final approach to runway 19 is simply breathtaking. The descent along the entire Teton Range begins at an altitude even with the peaks and ends at its foot. Rental cars and shuttles are available at the airport and accommodations are not far away.

So, if you are looking for adventure in a wedding that reaches beyond the traditional back yard or urban setting, consider Grand Teton National Park and its surrounding venues. Your guests will not be disappointed with the scene and they will remember your special day for a lifetime!

The Egyptian Wedding Extravaganza

Certain aspects of Egyptian weddings in urban cities are no different from weddings around the world. The bride wears an ordinary bridal dress and the groom wears a black suit or a tuxedo. The ceremony starts with a car parade. The wedding car (as prestigious as possible) will be decorated with flowers and ribbons. Cars of both families move together, in a noisy parade of continuous car horns, to a wedding hall most often in a hotel. The honking is to announce that there is a wedding taking place. When the bride and groom reach the hotel they are received by a Zeffa. The Zeffa is another human parade of belly dancers and drummers surrounding the bride and groom, singing happy songs. The bride and groom will occasionally join in the dancing but the main aim is to walk as slowly as possible to the wedding hall. Some Zeffet will last an hour!

When the bride and groom finally reach the reception hall they sit in a Kosha. The Kosha usually consists of two comfortable seats in front of the guests where the bride and groom reign as though king and queen. As soon as the bride and groom are seated all drink to their health. After this ritual, the festivities begin. The bride and groom have the first dance then the other wedding guests join in. Usually a belly dancer or a singer entertains but in more luxurious weddings there is more than one entertainer. Guests will dance and sing with the newly wedded couple, and the groom will occasionally be tossed in the air by friends. The more the tossing of the groom the more his popularity! After the formal entertainment, a disc jockey or band is used to extend the festivities.

Modern urban weddings are obviously affected by western traditions. Like the cutting of the cake and tossing of the bouquet. The couple opens the buffet for the guests, which is usually a wide variety of salads, meats, stews, and sweets. Food is considered one of the factors that reflect the wealth of the families. After the guests have eaten, the wedding party is over. There may be some more entertainment. Then the bride and groom usually get a complimentary night or two at the hotel.

Weddings reflect the image of the families that have come together. Both families show off their wealth to their wedding guests. From this, it would be concluded that Egyptian weddings are not just an announcement of marriage but also an announcement of the economic positions of the families.