Choosing the All-Important Wedding Theme

One of the most exciting parts of getting engaged is making the preliminary basic wedding plans, which decide all the important details of the biggest day of your life. There are many decisions to be made, but by choosing to go with an overall theme for your nuptials, you will make the planning process so much easier. You will be able to achieve a more cohesive result and wedding plans will go much smoother when you work to a theme. Here are a few important considerations to consider.

Rural or urban

When it comes to a theme, the most basic decision is whether to go rural or urban. Only you will know which of these will allow you to adapt your style into the event. Naturally, these themes depend on the location – are you having it in the country or the city? But choosing one or the other doesn’t mean that you can only have a country theme in the country or a modern, edgy urban theme for a city event. You can play with the ideas of theme and location to suit exactly what you want – it’s your day after all! Consider, for instance, having a modern theme in a rural barn, or adding in country touches to a modern city location to soften the edges and make it more inviting. The sky’s the limit.

Seasonal themes

Another popular way of theming your wedding plans is to match them with the season in which you holding your event. This doesn’t mean that for a winter theme you need to go all out and have (faux) fox-fur stoles for all your guests, but it does allow you to take elements that are particularly associated with the seasons and use them to create accents to enhance the overall look. For example, consider springtime as a theme: you could have bundles of spring flowers and small parasols to add that certain something. Or, flip-flops and sand buckets for a summertime wedding. There are so many ways to make the seasons work for you, but it may be best to match your seasonal theme to the actual season, as it may well prove difficult to provide a winter wonderland event in Devon in July.

Whatever your wedding plans entail, working to a theme means that all the elements will come together more naturally. You’ll narrow down your choices and as you work your way through the arrangement, some requirement will become obvious while others will prove superfluous. As with any event planning, forward thinking and a slow and steady approach will reap rewards.