Cool Contemporary Loft Weddings

When your idea of the perfect wedding is more downtown than debutante, ditch the traditional country club or hotel ballroom in favor of a venue with contemporary flair. There is no cooler place than an urban city loft to host a cutting edge wedding with a city chic flair. From design to attire to practical considerations, this is what you need to know to plan a cool and contemporary loft wedding.

First of all, you have to pick the right space. Most lofts are wide open, with large windows and high ceilings. They allow you near-total freedom when it comes to your wedding style, because they have no pre-existing decor. Of course, all this expansiveness can be quite expensive; since you have to bring in literally every single item needed to fill a loft, the bill for rentals and decorations will tend to be higher than average, even if the space itself is affordable to rent.

When you are checking out various loft spaces as potential wedding venues, take a careful look at the practical side of things. Is the neighborhood safe? Are there elevators? What are the restrooms like? What about lighting; is there any in place or will you need to hire a specialist? Also think about how one large space can be divided for the ceremony, cocktail hour, and the reception. Many couples will find that the services of a creative and experienced wedding planner are a must when trying to coordinate a loft wedding.

With your space booked, you can start thinking about the fun stuff: decorations and wedding attire. A city loft calls for an equally sophisticated style bridal gown. Slinky minimalist sheaths and unique architectural gowns with origami inspired draping will suit the contemporary space perfectly. Finish it off with cool handcrafted bridal jewelry. The non-traditional setting of a loft gives you the freedom to take a chance with a more daring bridal gown or jewelry which is handcrafted with a modern flair.

The wide open space of a loft calls for creative decorating on a grand scale. Think about incorporating elements such as dramatic swaths of fabric suspended from exposed beam ceilings. Hip modern chandeliers can be rented to add both style and light to the venue. The traditional small round vase with white roses will definitely not cut it in an urban loft. The centerpieces need to have both height and strong visual interest. If you want floral centerpieces, trendy submerged flowers in tall square vessels are current and fresh looking. Or think beyond flowers, and select centerpieces which are created from more unusual found elements or lighting items.

The menu is an important part of any wedding. Non-traditional foods such as Asian-fusion would be a great option. Be wary about hiring your favorite neighborhood bistro to cater your loft wedding however. The logistics of cooking and serving food in a space which lacks a kitchen can be very challenging, and it is smart to hire a caterer with the right equipment and experience to work in such a setting.

In the end, the magic of a loft wedding is that it can be anything you want it to be. The open space allows you to let your creative side run wild, with few of the artistic restrictions present at more traditional venues. For a couple with a love for contemporary design and entertaining, a chic loft wedding is an excellent choice.