Destination Weddings in the Sunshine State

Brides and grooms have always loved warm weather destination weddings. Many couples today, though, are not interested in the expense or hassle of getting married in a far-flung exotic island. For a warm and sunny wedding destination that is close to home, why not think about Florida, the Sunshine State?

There are a couple of excellent reasons to consider Florida as a destination wedding location. The first one is that it is incredibly easy to get to. Wherever you wish to go in Florida, there will be a nearby airport or a highway to take you there quickly. In many cases, there will also be a secondary airport within a couple of hours of your destination, which gives bargain hunters to chance to shop around for the best deal on airfare. If you are hoping to have a warm weather wedding with all of your friends and family present, you can count on getting a much larger turnout than you would for a location that involves the hassle of passports or inconvenient travel.

Another great thing about Florida is that it has a wide variety of cities and towns, each with their own distinctive feeling. With a little research, you will be able to pick a spot that has everything you desire for your wedding. The Sunshine State is famous for its beaches, so if you have always wanted to get married on the sand, you will be in luck. You are not limited to beaches though; Florida also offers some interesting urban location as well as world-famous attractions.

Couples who are looking for a beach town that is all about having a good time can consider Key West. This little paradise on the Southern tip of Florida is known for its laid back vibe, tolerant attitude, and fascinating locals. Oh yeah, and don’t forget the key lime pie! For a Key West wedding, a simple chiffon or organza wedding gown with unique handcrafted bridal jewelry would be ideal. Plan your wedding to take place during one of the legendary Key West sunsets.

If an urban beat is more your style, then you will love the chic flavor of a Miami wedding. This is the perfect spot for couples who love the nightlife. Serve up local Cuban-inspired food at your wedding and hire a great dance band with a Latin flair to give your guests the full Miami experience. For your honeymoon, stay at one of the renowned Art Deco or modern boutique style hotels. You can spend your days sunning yourself on South Beach, and your nights dancing at fabulous clubs.

Brides and grooms who want a wedding with a refined and elegant flavor will find just that in upscale Palm Beach. Known for its wealthy residents and fine shopping, Palm Beach is the perfect destination for a stylish warm weather wedding. Naturally, you will want to consider using pink and green as your wedding colors, in honor of one of Palm Beach’s most famous residents, Lilly Pulitzer.

And finally, no discussion about Florida wedding destinations would be complete without mentioning Disneyworld. This is a popular wedding destination for brides and grooms from around the world. If it has always been your fantasy to feel like a princess on your wedding day, then Disney is for you. Choose a Cinderella-inspired ballgown and top it off with fabulous handmade crystal bridal jewelry for a fantasy look as you marry your Prince Charming. A Disneyworld wedding is sure to be a dream come true.

There are so many incredible places from which to choose, that there is a Florida destination perfect for almost any couple. Do your research to find the town that best suits the style of wedding you wish to have. Also carefully investigate the best time of year for your chosen spot; you will want to avoid the hottest weather, hurricane season, and school vacations. With a little planning, you will find that you can have the destination wedding of your dreams in the Sunshine State.