Stylish and Unique Summer Wedding Favors

Summer weddings are vibrant, fun and spirited. This is all in thanks to the sunny disposition the sun gives out to people and the smiles the lively colors of the summer bring. There are plenty of ways to spice up a summer wedding but essentially it is all about the details. Notice the little things and glam each of those little things up and these will do marvelous wonders come wedding day.

Bring life to the ceremony by personalizing aisle runners with floral embellishments of either fresh or artificial flowers to each side. Finish the look with a stylish monogram that will serve as a signature for the detailing needed in the reception area on the decorations party favors.

For the ceremony, a unity sand ceremony kit is as stylish as it is symbolic. Choose various colors of sand for the ceremony to stay true to the summer wedding theme. A blown-glass heart for the unity vase and heart-shaped mouths for the mini vases is a charming detail for a summer wedding. If couples tend to shy away from the offbeat and opt for more traditional, elegant, clean lines for details, a creative spin to make use of would be monograms. Embed monograms on unity candles and simple, rectangular unity vases for a personalized touch. Add ribbons with seashell icons to further embellish them. Place silver sand on one of the mini vases, and white sand on the other, for traditional couples who prefer a unity sand ceremony.

Decorate tables with sea shell tea light candles. The ivory tone meets any traditional couple’s taste; silk flower petals, personalized with a monogram and displayed along with fresh petals, are a romantic favorite; and metal sailboats that contain lifesaver candies matches a more urban style. These tea light candles, silk petal and metal sailboat can serve as summer wedding favors.

Other summer wedding favors include hand fans. Wedding fans may come in silk, paper, buri and sandalwood material. Paper wedding fans make for fabulous and functional wedding favors. Choose a hand fan that mimic the design of Chinese, foldable fans. They can come in various colors and can be personalized with the names of the bride and groom, the wedding date, and the ceremony site at the front. At the back, print the details of the wedding program. Instead of using handles, punch holes at the bottom and tie satin ribbons for an elaborate finish. For a simpler, yet equally elegant version, make use of square paper hand fans with popsicle stick for handles. Print large the couple’s signature monograms on it and tie an organza ribbon around the fan for a chic finish.

Other multi-functional summer wedding favors include flip flop coasters for the urban chic couples, glass photo coaster for the traditional and bamboo coasters for the eco-friendly. Place them on the tables for guests to use during the reception and keep favor bags nearby so they can take them home after. They serve as decorations for the wedding and handy keepsakes too.