Toronto Outdoor Wedding Advantages and Venues

So you’ve found your prince charming and are eagerly awaiting your wedding day. Now begins the challenge – wedding planning. One of the most exciting parts of planning can be choosing a wedding venue, where you can envision yourself walking down the aisle and saying “I do.” The perfect setting establishes the tone and style for your nuptials. Indoor sites have built-in decorations, which can help couples who need direction with planning a theme, while an outdoor wedding opens a world of possibilities. While there isn’t a right or wrong locale, there are many benefits to an outdoor wedding ceremony.

Casual Elegance

The outdoors immediately brings warmth and comfort to your wedding day, but that doesn’t mean you lose the elegance. A garden or courtyard provides natural backdrop that exudes elegance, while even a backyard wedding can maintain formality with the use of paper lanterns or formal attire. Keep decorations simple with in-season floral decorations and light fabric, which allows you to embrace the openness of the outdoors.

Natural Lighting

For wedding photography, natural lighting is best. Harsh fluorescent lights can bleach skin tones and make it difficult to find just the right shot. Older buildings often have inadequate lighting, which can create problematic shadows. It also creates a more formal, light-controlled setting, which is not ideal for a casual style wedding. Natural lighting ensures a subtler look, giving your wedding photographer the ability to encapture those moments as they were meant to be seen.

Joint Wedding Venues

An outdoor venue allows you to combine both the wedding ceremony site with the reception site, letting you and your guests spend more time together than on the road. Many venues have separate areas for both the ceremony and reception on-site, which gives you two separate backdrops for your special day. Tents are another cost effective option that divide a large, open space into two separate sites. Maintaining the same colors, styles and flowers create flow between the two spaces, while the height of the tent gives you the ability to hang decorations that aren’t possible in an open space.

Outdoor Wedding Venues in Toronto

Even amidst an urban area in Toronto, there are some great options for outdoor spaces. Built in 1936, Graydon Hall Manor creates a vintage-esque space, reminiscent of Downtown Abbey. The venue boasts an outdoor area with a fountain, stone architecture and sprawling landscapes. Another romantic locale is the Berkeley Field House. The charming church has original 17-foot stained glass windows, while the adjacent field house is surrounded by lush greens, a deck and a pond. For a more modern-style wedding, Evergreen Brickworks is ideal. The former brickyard has been transformed into a spacious open-area with original brick buildings featuring expansive ceilings and exposed rafters. This unique space is tucked into a spacious park with lush greens and water features. Lastly, for a combination of indoor and outdoor space, the Sunnyside Pavillion on Lakeshore West is another urban oasis. Overlooking the beach and pristine gardens, Sunnyside features a courtyard and plenty of overhead to shield you from the rain. This allows you to have the ceremony in the sunshine, but a covered reception that is still open to the outdoors.