Types of Weddings – Easiest to Plan and Hardest

Wedding planning is always a big job, but much more so for some kinds of weddings than others. A lot of it has to do with the type of wedding you decide to have, and it is not always the ones that seem like they would be a snap to plan that are the least taxing. Before you choose your wedding location, learn which types of weddings are the easiest to plan, and which are the hardest.

Hotel Wedding. If there is one type of wedding that is the easiest to plan, it would have to be the hotel wedding. Couples who want to have their ceremony and reception all in one location can have it all done in different spaces in the same hotel, which is far easier than having to change over a space from ceremony to reception during the cocktail hour. Hotels have on-site caterers, event coordinators, and of course, your honeymoon suite will be right upstairs. If guests want a place to hang out after the reception, they can hit the hotel bar or order room service to a guest suite.

Destination Wedding. You would not think that planning a wedding far from home would be easy, but if you pick the right resort, it can be. A high quality resort has a staff that is dedicated to event planning, and they are accustomed to working with brides long distance via phone and email. An all-inclusive resort will probably be the easiest, because even your honeymoon plans will be all set. The personality of the bride is what determines if a destination wedding will be easy to plan. If you are the sort of bride who is comfortable leaving most of the details in the hands of a resort event coordinator, pretty much all you will have to do is pick out your wedding gown and bridal jewelry and show up a few days before the wedding. Of course, detail oriented type A brides might find a destination wedding to be one of the hardest to plan, so take your own planning personality into account.

State Park. Planning a wedding in a state park tends to fall in the medium range for difficulty of planning. Probably what makes it easier is that most couples who choose this sort of location are usually pretty laid back. In a park you have a naturally gorgeous location, which means that fewer decorations are needed. Most parks have shelters or pavilions which can be rented for a reasonable fee, which is both budget-friendly and a nice backup plan for inclement weather. While they are unlikely to be fancy, there should also be restrooms available. Some parks even have kitchen facilities, which definitely makes things much easier. The thing which can make planning a state park celebration is simply that you have to bring in most of what you need, such as tables and chairs, sound systems, and so forth.

Urban Loft. Brides love the idea of hosting their wedding in a chic urban loft because it offers them a blank canvas to create any style of wedding their hearts desire. It is a great setting for the bride who pictures herself saying her “I dos” in a unique setting wearing a contemporary wedding dress and sophisticated bridal gown. However, that blank canvas also means that you will have to bring in everything you could conceivably need for your wedding. Unlike a park, there will be no decorations in place, so on top of the other rentals, you will need to source flowers, candles, and possibly even custom lighting. Many lofts have very high ceilings, meaning that the centerpieces need to be tall and striking. You might also come to find out that the bathrooms are on a different floor or that the parking in the neighborhood is a nightmare. While urban loft weddings can be among the most chic, they are also among the most challenging to plan.

Home Weddings. Having a wedding in your own backyard sounds like it should be a piece of cake, right? In reality, home weddings (unless they are quite small) can be the most difficult to pull together. Take all the challenging aspects of a loft wedding and add in the need for tent rentals, residential noise regulations, lack of parking, and dealing with neighbors. For a large wedding, you will also need to rent portable restrooms, because who wants 150 people tramping through their house looking for the powder room (not to mention your plumbing may not be up to the job). Then there are all those “little” home improvements that many people get the urge to make before hosting a wedding at home, such as landscaping and painting projects. Having a wedding in your own backyard might indeed be very meaningful and special, but be aware that it will take a huge amount of work to get everything perfect for your big day.