Wedding Photographers in Bournemouth – Top 5 Locations

Bournemouth is an excellent location for wedding photography. In my opinion, you would be hard-pushed to find a more varied and beautiful backdrop that is also practical and easily accessible than Bournemouth for wedding photography. Clients have beaches, parks, urban landscapes, cliff-tops, woods, rivers, harbours, piers and Bournemouth’s unique Chines to choose from when it comes to choosing settings for their special day. Most of these spots are within easy reach of the town centre and it is realistic to incorporate at least one of these gems into a wedding couple’s private shoot in the afternoon of say 1 hour.

My top 5 places for wedding photography in Bournemouth are:

1. The Promenade between Bournemouth Pier and Boscombe Pier.
The wedding car can drive down to the pier at Boscombe allowing easy access. It is often less crowded than Bournemouth pier and there are some new more attractive beach huts in all colours of the rainbow. Both piers can be used in the frame and there is plenty of Golden sand

2. Coy Pond in the Upper Gardens.
Again ease of access is a bonus as this is very central. The gardens are always lush and green with an abundance of unusual foliage and plant species. Great architectural trees and lots of flowers in Spring. There is a lovely stream and pond with Coy Carp in it topped off with a classic lovers’ bridge and a Victorian folly tower which always reminds me of rapunzel.

3. Tropical Gardens at Alum Chine
One of Bournemouth’s Gardens of Excellence, this is a truly magical backdrop for wedding photography. Situated high up in one of th Chines, the garden gives breathtaking views over the sea across to Old Harry Rocks. The gardens are fairly small but with lots of varying vistas created by the many little paths and fantastic plants which have an almost prehistoric feel. There is an embankment built in boulders with planting in between which makes an attractive stage for the intrepid bride and groom.

4. Kings Skate Park
For something a little different – suitable for younger couples with an interest in skating, BMX-ing, adrenalin sports or just wanting an urban gritty counterfoil. The skate park has great mix of greenery with concrete skate ramps adorned with graffiti. Great range of heights and in easy reach of other amenities. Build in some more classic park shots at the same shoot.

5. Bournemouth Balloon
For a truly out of this world feel to wedding photography in Bournemouth, try the balloon in the Lower Gardens. It cost around £10 each for 15 mins or so 100ft+ over the centre of Bournemouth. This affords fantastic views over the town across to Purbeck in the West and the Isle of White to the West. On a clear day you can see for 50 miles or more. A great opportunity for some fun shots of the happy couple.