Wedding Photography in Oxford – The Perfect Photos for Your Wedding in Oxford

Situated in the very heart of England, Oxford is renowned for many things not least it’s famous Universities and Inspector Morse. However for the local bride planning her perfect wedding day, Oxford holds many, many wonders that can turn “just another wedding” into a day which is remembered by wedding party and guests alike.

The location of ceremony and reception within Oxford will have a great baring on the type and style of wedding photography that you are able to choose. Whilst you are not limited by your chosen locations, they will lend themselves to one specific style more than another. Fort example, if you are getting married in University Church on the High Street, then an urban photography style is going to be much more convenient than a traditional style. Whereas if your reception is at the Oxford Centre on Banbury Road, then it is far easier to opt for a traditional style using the grounds of the Oxford Centre as a backdrop.

All major cities have their fair share of urban wedding photography hot spots, but urban wedding photography in Oxford is a class above the rest, whether it is in front of the Ashmolean Museum or Bodleian Library, or walking down the busy but historically spectacular George Street. All of these locations can turn a conservative and flat wedding album with the usual boring, posed group shots, into a talking point which will look like a contemporary fashion shoot from the pages of Cosmo.

As you would expect with any city, there are various wedding venues within Oxford and the surrounding area which will cater for almost any need, taste and budget. Here are just a few with the comments of a Oxford based wedding photographer included:

Oxford Thames Four Pillars Hotel – Situated on the banks of the Thames, the Four Pillars is part of a hotel chain and as such much of the d├ęcor is corporate, however what is lacking in character is certainly made up for by the 30 acres of Oxfordshire parkland which make the ideal backdrop for some truly memorable wedding photos.

The Oxford Centre – About a mile and a half outside the centre of Oxford, the Oxford Centre is a dedicated banqueting and conference facility with a contemporary style. As such, it has some lovely

The Randolph Hotel – Set right in the heart of the city, the Randolph is a stunning backdrop for a upmarket wedding. The building itself is steeped in history and will send shivers down the spine of even the most steely groom. Being located in the city centre, the Randolph gives an easy opportunity to make use of some of the cities prominent landmarks as urban backdrops to the cosmopolitan bride and grooms wedding album.

Oxford Town Hall – Located on St Aldates in the city centre, Oxford Town Hall is a venue which is worthy of some of the fine dignitaries that have visited it, Nelson Mandela and Mikhail Gorbachev to name just two. Like the Randolph Hotel, it gives easy access to the cities major visual attractions as well as having it’s own historical splendour.